Thursday, April 2

21 day lockdown in India. Week 1 - 25th March to 31st March

When 2020 began nobody thought we would be united by a virus which would stealthily take over and turn our lives upside down. India has gone into lockdown mode from the 25th of March to the 14th of April.
 Life for me hasn't changed dramatically because we live in a relatively isolated area.Social isolation was a way of life here in Lamb's Rock.We socialised by choice. We are lucky that we don't feel restricted and we won't suffer from cabin fever because we can step out into the garden, play with the pets and go for walks. Roads have been blocked and the forest and nature are reclaiming spaces which man had taken over steadily. This road would have seen a steady flow of cars and vans taking people to Lamb's Rock viewpoint from ten in the morning to four in the evening.Now it's peaceful all day long.
We have leopards in the area but they used to come out late in the evening once it was dark but since the lockdown they are venturing out when it's still light. We have to be extra careful about the dogs. 
The wild boar and bison are also roaming free. Our dogs go crazy barking a them. 
Less traffic, less people around which amounts to less noise pollution and so we hear so many bird calls right through the day and not just in the morning.
My garden is blooming. It is such a joy to observe buds appear and then over a period of a few days they bloom. It's a wild unplanned garden so the surprises are plenty.
I've decided to make a kusudama for everyday of the lockdown, following videos on Youtube.
Day1 - I made a 30 module Kusudama Dodecahedron.
Day 2 - A Kusudama cube with 8 modules
Day 3 - Little Turtle Kusudama
Day 4 - I was finishing up the little turtle.
Day 5 - Crystal Star kusudama by Denver Lawson and the tutorial by dutchpapergirl.
Day 6 - 12 module kusudama by ichiro999100. This one has triangular depressions.
Day 7 - 12 module Pinwheel Kusudama.I use the same module to make a pinwheel cube.
I'm using old Tupperware flyers for the paper. Part of trying to live a more sustainable life.  Recycling what I already have, mending and buying less. Buying only what is necessary.
Sharing these origami creations on a Facebook page set up by my fellow artists and designers called CoronArt. I also update my Instagram account @millionlittlestitches.
We went out to town to buy groceries on the 30th. mainly to buy meat for our dogs Ben and Blackie who have no understanding of a lockdown. A friend procured some meat for us,which was most fortunate. I hope in a week or ten days the butcher's shop will reopen.
The new accessory is the face mask. If people can't get a mask which incidentally is out of stock , a scarf or bandana covers the nose and mouth. 
The unfortunate side of the lockdown down is the plight of people producing perishable products like these beautiful Liliums. A hundred bunches of Liliums which couldn't make it to market were left with a friend to distribute.I was fortunate to get a bunch, their fragrance fills the house.
Needless to say the 21 day lockdown is going to be painful and hard for everybody and the pain will continue for a prolonged period long after the 21 day lockdown comes to an end.
How are you dealing with Covid 19?
Thanks to the internet I've been in two Zoom calls with family and friends. Zoom calls are all the rage at the moment. Have you had the opportunity to participate in a Zoom call?

It's time to introspect. How are we going to lead our lives once the pandemic is over? I think I need to grow more vegetables and fruit.
Be more thrifty and smart about how I use resources and try to lead a more sustainable life. A more mindful life.
Stay safe.


Shasta Matova said...

We heard about the order in India here in the United States. I am glad more leaders are locking down. We still have some states who haven't done it yet and it is frustrating since we all have to do it in order for it to work effectively. I am glad you have a beautiful, calm space to socially distance yourself. It all looks lovely - your art and your garden.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Shasta.