Thursday, October 31

A second panel for 25 Million Stitches

I've begun work on my second panel for the 25 Million Stitches public art engagement installation.

I stitch while helping my parents pack and move to an assisted living facility. It's a big move and a big change. I hope I can try and make the transition as smooth and easy for them as possible.

Progress on the panel. Working from one end to the other.

Change is not easy. 
Mamma is choosing photographs to take with her from albums that contain photographs of individuals from five generations. 
It's lovely to look back in time and remember. Then one realises how we've changed with the passage of time.
And so it is. Ever changing never stopping.
The seasons are changing too, the North East monsoons have begun and the rain has turned parched garden green. It's a welcome sight to gaze at while one sits on the verandah and sips tea.

How are you handling change? What's your mantra?


Elizabeth said...

You chose some lovely colours and nicely stitched!

Marilyn CLULOW said...

love your blog and work. I love and welcome change, it forces you to live in the moment because change can be overwhelming especially as you age. I am 84 and have seen so much change, in the world, myself , my family, so i enjoy each day to the fullest. I have even stopped complaining about the change of seasons here in Canada, I am originally from the Caribbean. i travel, quilt , stitch, garden, go to the gym and am always learning and creating. You are so lucky to be close to your parents as they age, enjoy, wish I had had that, but being a nurse i was lucky to be able to care for them in their own home in the last days of their lives, that was a gift. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work

Els said...

LOVE that swirling snaky bit !!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh change ... that's life, isn't it ?

If we like it or not, we just have to deal with it !
and change can be for worse but often is for BETTER too ;-)

Lúcia Campos said...

Amo seu trabalho,sempre que os vejo tenho vontade de fazer o meu livro de cores e possibilidades.