Sunday, September 17

Progress on the Stamp Quilt

Harsha's contribution. Harsha is a letter writer and these stamps came from her stash of letters and cards. 
 Here's what I got from Deena in Washington DC.Deena got to know about my project from a friend who  sent her the link to my post about the postage stamp quilt. I'm so touched Deena, by your generosity.
Deena must have an impressive stamp collection because she inherited her great grandmother's stamp album which was published in the United States in 1920. Deena herself started collecting stamps and adding to her collection in 2012 and friends and family have been sending her stamps.
She's also the recipient of a stamp collection which a friend gave her. It belonged to missionaries who lived in Taiwan and the Philippines.
Deena I'd love to see your stamp collection some day and hear all the stories associated with the stamps which are so fascinating.
Deena has sent me stamps from Canada, the USA,Philippines,Hong Kong, France and China.
Like a quilt which began as a thrift activity and there would be stories associated with each piece of fabric , this stamp quilt or quilts which I make is not going to be just stamps joined together to create a pretty pattern but a collection of stories as well.
I've managed to remount and stitch around all the stamps Harsha donated. Since they were multiple Gandhi stamps and  few others I've started arranging them - in a nine patch. Should I make a block of a certain size? and then stitch the blocks together? Or should it be like a crazy quilt, different sizes together? So many questions.
In the mean time I have to start with Deena's stamps this week.
Not sure when I'll start 'piecing' the quilt together.


meweatherson said...

I am so looking forward to seeing your progress on this amazing project. Stamps! Who knew? Yet they are so intriguing and so beautiful. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

MY MUSINGS said...

Such a cool idea! And nice of your friend to send you those stamps! I vote for the 9-patch because that would live it some uniformity. A pattern for the eye to rest on when looking at the stamp quilt. My mom made a king size fabric stamp quilt make out of 1 inch squares. She hand sewed all the squares in a diagonal diamond pattern with a red square in the middle. You can do something like that too. It is going to be very nice!

Caterina Giglio said...

I cannot wait to see how this turns out!! fascinating!!

Mary Ann Tate said...

A realty unique idea. What are you going to do with your finished quilt. Being paper it might not be useful on a bed but mounted as a wall quilt would be interesting.

Betty C said...

I will be interested in seeing how you join the stamps together. This is an interesting project.