Saturday, August 26

A New Project - Postage Stamp Quilts

One of those days while browsing the images on Pinterest I happened to come across postage stamp quilts and this got me thinking. 
I like to work with paper as much as I like to work with fabric and with my tiny collection of postage stamps I decided to use them to make an actual postage stamp quilt.   
.First Step: Sort through stamps. I found stamps to be clustered together and it was just a couple which were individual stamps which had sufficient paper of the envelope on all four sides.
So with one stamp I just tore the paper away so I had this uneven edge and did a simple blanket stitch all around.
With two others I used a metal scale as a guide and tore the envelope paper away on all four sides. I got a frayed edge but it was a straight edge rather than an uneven edge.
For the sake of symmetry and else of joining the stamps together I decided to go along with the second method.  
Step 2 : Soak  all stamps clustered together or with insufficient paper on all four sides in water. 
Step 3 : Remount dried stamps on discarded envelopes. Stitch around each stamp with blanket stitch and I put the name of the person from whom I got a card or letter. I've decided I'll put down the country as well.
A wealth of inspiration on Pinterest

There are so many ideas I'd like to try but unfortunately I don't have sufficient stamps to try them out with.
I've put the word out to family to collect any and every stamp that they or their friends and colleagues get and can spare and send them to me.
Would you like to contribute postage stamps to my project? Leave a comment and I'll share my postal address with you.
I'll put your name and the country you are from on the reverse. It will be very interesting to see the reverse of the finished quilt. A patchwork pattern of colours. 
I'll wait until the end of October to lay out all that I receive before I start the composition of my first quilt.A small baby quilt. It would be great to make one with flowers, or birds. 
In the meantime I'll be working on the stamps I have and what I can gather locally.

A long weekend here in India. Have a great week.


MLM247 said...

You might use the stamps with no envelope paper by re-glueing them onto some fresh paper, leaving sufficient margin to show your stitching to advantage. By arranging the colours and designs of the stamps you could construct a fascinating piece of art for the wall, similar to a pixel picture.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

That's exactly what I'm going to do Louise.

D. said...

I have a lot of stamps I could share with you! Please send me your address and I would be happy to send.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

I have no other way of sharing my address with you so I'll put it here.
Maya Sara Matthew
2/16 E2
Lamb's Rock,
Guernsey Post,
Coonoor, Tamil Nadu
India - 643102

I know it's long but that's how it is.
Thank you Deena.

D. said...

Thanks, Maya! I got your comment via email so if you would prefer not to keep your address in the comments, you can delete it and I will still have it.

Lots of stamps coming to you soon from Washington, DC. :)

D. said...

Hi Maya, I mailed you the stamps today and forgot to give you my email address. Could you please let me know when they arrive? Deena dot loeffler at gmail dot com. Hope you enjoy.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Wonderful Deena, thank you so much. I'll certainly let you know when they arrive.

Unknown said...

what a wonderful project. I wish I had my late-mother-in-law's stamps....she was one of five children her parents were medical doctors & Missionaries in Central India for close to 50 years, 1925-1970. These five children, beginning at age 4 spent 10 months every year at a boarding school -- WOODSTOCK, high in the mountains of India. Every child wrote to their parents once a week. I will gladly follow your blog this fall & winter to see your stamp quilt progress. Holly

Unknown said...

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