Sunday, March 5

1 year of Stitches at the end of February

After the 17th of February I didn't find time to do any stitching, not until the 25th.
 25th February 2017. A Woven Wheel.
26th February 2017. Love the circular puffy structure of the Woven Wheel and I couldn't stop at one so I went ahead and made a few more. Looks like the flowers of the Acacia tree which is in bloom and visible from our deck.Like little powder puffs.
27th February 2017. Couldn't think of how to connect or embellish the woven wheels so I decided to start on a butterfly.
There are a number of butterflies to be seen in the Lamb's Rock area where I live so I decided a couple of butterflies should be featured.

 28th February 2017. The place I live in is very popular for those interested in butterflies.On weekends you'll find camera toting enthusiasts peering into bushes and lying flat on their stomachs to get a shot of these delicate creatures.This is the first of two.


Els said...

love the butterfly ;-)

Gumbo Lily said...

I like it that you're "keeping it real" and letting us know that you aren't always stitching every single day. It's fun following what you are embroidering and seeing it happen like magic!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Els. I'm not knowledgeable about butterflies but they are such beautiful creatures that I love to spot and watch as they fly around.

@ Gumbo Lily - grabbing sometime to stitch each day is not possible.At times at the end of the day I wonder how the day got over. Umpteen things to take care of and not everything can be scheduled.That's my reality, I'm sure you understand living on a ranch. We don't live on anything the size of a ranch but running a BnB and managing the tea and our pets,24 hours isn't sufficient.There's very little which can be scheduled, each morning dawns with unexpected challenges.