Sunday, February 19

A tumultous month

We're past the middle of February and I'm wondering where the days have gone. 
February began with a wedding in my husband's family. So not many days were spent doing embroidery. 
I picked up the needle again only on the 8th of February.
Embroidered these composite flowers - combining lazy daisy stitch and woven wheels to create these poinsettia like flowers.

 In the garden there are red, salmon pink and white poinsettia.
 13th February 2017. In memory of a my school principal Ms. G. Devadason who passed away today at the age of 89. She was called Dodo for some reason. Must try and find out why.
 14th February 2017. a little cross stitch heart for Valentine's day.
15th February 2017. Cable chain, the name comes back to me, encircles the heart.
16th February 2017.

Health issues with elderly parents continue. Either my husband or I are taking a bus at short notice to go be with our respective parents.
They live in a world which was relevant probably fifteen years ago.They live a slow life.Smart phones, internet banking, shopping online is amazing and confusing at the same time. Have to get my mum familiar with the working of a smart phone she's curious and willing to learn.
Just curious, do you utilise all the features on your smart phone? At times do you feel it's all Greek?
It's so important to keep abreast of technology. But it's funny I live in a small town where cash is required and credit or debit cards get to be used sparingly, you ask someone on the road for directions to a place but the moment I get to a larger town or city it's all cashless and life is technology driven - ordering a cab or food, finding a location or getting driving directions. I have one foot in both these worlds and I think a number of people in India find themselves in a similar situation.
We moved to this small town to lead a slow life but technology has come to stay and to stay relevant or function in the wider world I have to keep abreast with technology. So it's a hybrid sort of life I lead.
Have a good week.

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