Thursday, July 28

March and April CQ blocks

 I visited my mum and dad in July and came back with all manner of bits and pieces of fabric, saree borders , bits of embroidery from a peasant top which my mum made for my sister and me as kids.
 All perfect for the  Crazy Quilt blocks I was making for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2016.
This is the March CQ block which is beside this cross stitch piece for the Joyful World Stitch along.
The pink and gold zari brocade piece is part of the border of one of my mum's sarees. It's falling apart but I've added some embroidery in blue chain stitch tohold the piece together.
The blue fabric is cotton dyed with indigo.   
This is the CQ block for April.
Since acquiring all these precious bits of fabric I've begun to put together the CQ blocks in no time at all. So instead of stitching the pattern for the month from the Joyful World stitch along first and then agonising over the CQ block, things have gotten so much easier. I hope I'll be able to catch up, it's almost August and I've only completed the pages until March.
Have a good week. Hope you catch up with whatever needs catching up with.  


Penny said...

They look lovely, and so special to use things that are so personal to you.

Unknown said...

очень красиво!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Penny and Olesya.
@ Penny - yes I think using these pieces which are so personal in these CQ blocks are a good way to preserve them too.
@ Olesya - I had to google the Russian phrase, thank you for finding the blocks so pretty.Appreciate your comment.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Absolutely scrumptious work, Maya!