Sunday, September 6

TAST 2015 - Feather Stitch

A week without the internet, it's been quite difficult coming to terms with no contact with the outside world. Got started on projects which don't require the internet. 
No internet meant I could focus on trying to catch up with TAST. Here's what I did with Feather Stitch. The wild jungle like quality of feather stitch was what appealed to me.Perfect to stitch all over a bill from a small hotel which tries and gives it's a patrons a flavour of jungle living.  The reverse of the page with stitching in the picture above.   
 Still in catch up mode with TAST 2015.
A WIP has been given priority and I've set myself a deadline to complete the project by September 21st World Peace day. There's a need for peace and better understanding more than ever before.
Hope your weekend was restful.  


Sharmon Davidson said...

Your stitching is beautiful, Maya! What is TAST? I hope you're having a good weekend and that your internet remains in good working order!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Sharmon. TAST is the abbreviation for Take A Stitch Tuesday. It's a stitch challenge exploring embroidery stitches. A stitch every Tuesday for the 52 weeks in the year. Sharon Boggon of conducts it.More answers here :

Asha said...

Love this Maya. It is so pretty! Lucky you being in the Nilgiris I miss the south. I am in the flat very hot plains of the north now - nothing but heat and dust!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Asha. When you come to the south, make time for the Nilgiris. We should have our holiday home up and running by the end of the year.

Marta Brysha said...

Would be great to frame this work sandwiched between 2 pieces of perspex so that you can see both sides. I really love the reverse side!

MY MUSINGS said...

Love the idea of using this receipt! Love it!