Monday, September 14

A Cross Stitch Alphabet Sampler

 I started this sampler when we moved to Coonoor in May and its finally done.
The pattern I painstakingly copied onto graph paper probably ten years back. I found it while packing my stash.
It was then that I decided it would have to be embroidered as a commemorative piece of the new environment we were going to be living in.
Will now have to wait for the next trip to Bangalore to get it framed.
Have a good week.


Thread Born said...

Wow...An impressive feat! Love all those motifs!

Jax13 said...

I truly admire your perserverance...from transferring a pattern to graph paper, stored safely for many years, waiting for the right time and occasion to give it life, and now plans for its framing! This beauty-filled piece will go on for a long time with its memories telling many stories. Thank you for sharing!

Marta Brysha said...

Love what you are doing with the samplers. Clearly reverent of tradition, but making them totally contemporary. Congrats.