Saturday, March 28

50 shades of Grey

Marvelling at the manner in which nature paints fifty shades of grey.
My mum braids her hair into a french braid which show off nature's magic so beautifully.
Continuing to observe change - with the passage of time, nature is working its magic on me as well.

Twisted into a knot which resembles a shell. my mum is quite the hairdresser too.

Have a good week. 


Thread Born said...

Hi Maya- A beautiful, thoughtful photo about change and celebration. I love that touch of yellow too!

Tammie Lee said...

love all those shade and braid does show it off. I love braiding my hair too. In a french braid while doing photography in nature is great for keeping it out of the lens ;-)

Charlton Stitcher said...

I sympathise with your mother - I have all 50 shades as well - and I suspect many more!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Julie, Tammie and Charlton Stitcher thank you for your comments.
Julie you've put it so well - it is a celebration
Tammie my mum braids her hair for precisely the same reason you do - to keep it out of her face.
Charlton Stitcher yes it's amazing what nature can do.

Gumbo Lily said...

Your mother's hair is really beautiful! I also have at least 50 shades in my own hair -- all curly and wild, not at all tamed like your sweet mama's.