Sunday, February 22

Natural material for packaging

Last week we were on a road trip and somewhere on NH 7 we saw men waving these conical packages. Curiosity got the better of us and we stopped to buy two. These are packages of Palmyra leaves.   
Knotted and tied with a couple of fronds. 
The palmyra leaf  opens to reveal five of six pods of the palmyra fruit.
The Palmyra leaf is circular in shape and has a naturally occurring accordion fold which aids the creation of the conical packages. Pure genius whoever created this package. 
Summer is round the corner. 
With the onset of the summer heat, the fruit of the Palmyra palm makes an appearance on the carts of   fruit sellers on the streets of every neighbourhood in the city. The fruit seller cuts open the fiberous  black fruit and removes three jelly like pods which are filled with a cool liquid. These jelly pods are just the thing to beat the summer heat.
Wish they would use the Palmyra leaf for packaging instead of the thin plastic bags which are ruining our environment.  
We've embraced the use of plastic for packaging and forgotten the use of natural materials for packaging.

Have a good week. 


Charlton Stitcher said...

How lovely this looks. I love that accordion fold.
I've just refound your blog - I know it was on my blogs list but somehow it had disappeared and without this reminder, I've visited rarely since ...lots to catch up on!"

Els said...

It is great if you can pick your packaging material from a tree instead of using these (*d...*) plactic bags !!!!
(but WE are to blame too : we should take a thin tote bag in our purse and refuse the plastic ones ... regardless where we live !)

Girija Kaimal said...


Maya Sara Matthew said...

Welcome back Charlton Stitcher.
Yes Els all of us need to carry cloth bags and containers so we can reduce the dependence on plastic bags. I have one in my handbag at all times which folds up into a small neat package and the car always has a couple of sturdy cloth bags for groceries and things.
Hi Girija, nice to hear from you.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Really interesting that you have these wonderful fruits that come with their own packaging....

Maya Sara Matthew said...

The packaging with natural materials is fast disappearing Sharmon, one see these ingenious methods of packaging only in the small towns and villages of India.

Karen Thiessen said...

When I lived in Singapore, I enjoyed compressed rice that was steamed in woven palm leaves. They were a thing of beauty that I took for granted. We ate them with satay and peanut sauce. The fruit on the cart look like over-sized mangosteens!

Marta Brysha said...

I love fruit of all kinds! Such beauty that nature creates and then further created by the hands who made the packages. Aren't you glad you stopped?