Sunday, August 10

Applique on the Cycle rickshaws of Vijayawada

Cycle rickshaws still ply on the streets of Vijayawada and the tarpaulin canopy of the rickshaw has colourful machine appliqued motifs.   
Rickshaws lined up on the side of the road under the shade of trees during the hot afternoon.
 Worn and weathered applique.

Detail of the applique done with coloured and gold plastic pieces which are stitched onto the tarpaulin with a sewing machine.  
 Brand new applique work on a rickshaw in One Town in Vijayawada. One Town is the old town in Vijayawada which has the wholesale market. Narrow lanes filled with jostling pedestrians and smaller vehicles like rickshaws,cycles, motorbikes and handcarts.It's the throbbing heart of the city.
The horse and helicopter are popular motifs along with flowers, initials and names.
Detail of the helicopter.
It's wonderful to discover that folk art is alive and well in smaller towns and cities like Vijayawada. The noodle carts of Vijayawada are another example of charming folk art. Click here to view them.

It's been quiet here for two long weeks but I'm back now, life just got hectic.
Wishing everyone a great week ahead.

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Mridula said...

Nice post Maya. I like the helicopter motif.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hi Mridula. yes the helicopter is my favourite too.
I want to find out how and why a helicopter.
Don't see many in Vijayawada anyway.