Monday, May 21

Million Little Stitches now on Etsy

Its been a week since I opened the Million Little Stitches shop for business on Etsy.
So won't you pop on over and take a look.
The excitement got me creating a page for Million Little Stitches on Facebook as well so I'm going to be well and truly chained to the computer updating and checking activity on blog, Facebook and Etsy.

In other news I was delighted to see my April CQJP block featured on Needlework Craft Gossip. Thanks Denise. 
I'm all excited about a book making workshop I'm participating in over the next two days.
Have a great week.


Marta Brysha said...

I love it! I am particularly fond of mineral and 1 blue bit short. The expense of having my first solo show was somewhat crippling, but as soon as my bank account is looking a bit more healthy I will definitely be buying something!

By the way, who is the stunningly beautiful model?

Maya Sara Matthew said...

That's sweet Marta. The stunningly beautiful model is a very good friend of mine - Sophie.