Friday, November 20

Allotment Garden Blogging Bee

My allotment garden is imagined because such a concept does not exist in urban India but its a concept worth implementing. read on to find out what I would grow in this allotment garden, what I'll be wearing and what I would snack on when I take a break from weeding and watering.
What would I grow in this little garden? Coriander/Cilantro, mint and fiery hot chillies. The requirements for my cooking on a daily basis. A couple of types of spinach, cucumber and tomatoes. Maybe I could squeeze in a banana tree or a drumstick tree. How about a papaya tree, one which produces those small sweet papayas which they call disco papayas.Haven't figured out how that name came about. A vine of betel leaf. I don't chew it but it has medicinal properties.
I'd like to have a bee hive too. Bee hives are probably not typical allotment garden fare but I've always wanted to give bee keeping a hand so a bee hive most certainly.
You'll find me tending my plot in rubber slippers/flip flops, sunglasses, and an old t-shirt combined with cut offs or a salwar. For a snack I'd probably take a sandwich or chapatis with jam or cheese and water.

India Flint over at Not all those who wander are lost is hosting a blogging bee. Its the first one I'm participating in. If you'd like to join in, you can read more about the event which has a giveaway worked into it by clicking here.
The images in this post are from a piece I created about seven years back of a little wild garden bursting with colour and texture. A teeny tiny tropical jungle in a forgotten hidden portion of this apartment complex where I've made my home.There's one such space right outside my bedrooom window where the wandering jew grows uncontrolled and a tropical jungle is in the making.
I hope your weekend is wild or tropical or both.


Caterina Giglio said...

this might be old work, but it is exceptional! I hope you get your garden, I could not live with out mine! ciao!

Penny said...

Oh I am so glad you dropped by, I had you on my links list and when I lost them I didnt get around to finding you and now here you are. I love your stitches and I love your totally different garden to mine.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

yes I hope I get a little garden soon,what is your garden like La Dolce Vita? I'm glad you liked my art piece of a secret tropical garden.

Thank you Penny.Its wonderful to connect this way.

Quilt Architect said...

OK, you have totally inspired me. I posted just today a book of some of the pages of Stitched Paper and really thought that doing these fancy stitches were out of the question but you have proved me wrong. I am going to have to stretch my self and try.

If you have any hint would you please visit my blog and add a comment.

Thank you.
I love your work

Quilt Architect said...

I am not sure if you could get to my blog

It is

Quilt Architect said...

Thank you for the ideas!!

I would like to write about your embroidery and put a picture with a link to your blog. Would you mind?

It would just be something short...and mostly to refer others to what you are doing here!!!

I was looking at the 'window' embroidery ...where you have a square cut our and then sewn back in smaller. I was wondering if you learned anything from doing this and have a suggestion on how to make all the sides the same???

This looks hard even just getting a space evenly around it.

Tell me more.

Jackie said...

What a lovely piece. So full of light and life.
I wonder how different our worlds are? Its wild here alright...windy, wet, cold, dark.

Guzzisue said...

beautiful :-)

Gabriela said...

So nice to know you and blog....Beautiful stitches...I hope to learn from you...

Gabriela ( Ganga)