Thursday, September 10

Churches & Chapels

R and I have always been to Goa during the monsoons when the crowds are tame and actually avoidable. Its our favourite destination to recharge our batteries simply by staring at the sea. We're not given to careening across Goa on a bike, drinking and partying hard, so I have no typical pictures of Goa to share but I do have pictures typical of Goa. The little white chapels and
churches which are distinctly Portuguese.
Every lane and community boasts of a little chapel.
This chapel is in serious disrepair but people still seem to be worshipping here. That's candle wax on the doorstep.
The simple refined white forms amidst wild tropical vegetation. The contrast is startling and arresting.
The facade of this chapel appears to be top heavy and I feel it will topple over but then again its probably the angle at which I've photographed it.
The sculpted domes, pilasters and niches on the facades of the chapels and churches remind me of elaborate sugar confections. I don't know why I make that connection but I do.
The monsoon rains which lash Goa take their toll of pristine white facades. Maintenance must be a labour of love.
Beautiful classic proportions. Distinctly Portuguese architecture in a typical Goan landscape of coconut palms. Doesn't feel alien or wrong. How do you achieve eclecticism? ( Is that even a word?)

Textures. Smooth white plaster and grainy rough laterite. Makes an interesting marriage of textures which work. Didn't see it used anywhere else. Is it a new direction or simply new for me?
Goa is also seafood for us. Click here to see pictures of what we ordered.


pRiyA said...

well, this certainly is a goa i've never seen before. enchanting!

word verif is 'unpern' hows that for a word?

3inone said...

Superb. This is the Goa that I love. The quiet lanes, the serene churches and also the vibrant local markets. The photographs are beautiful.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Priya you'll have to give me the meaning of 'unpern' it doesn't feature in the dictionary I have.
I'd like to go inland far from the beaches to discover Goa, I'm sure it's idyllic & enchanting.Next time.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hi 3inone, I'd like to wander through a local market in Goa.Never done that.
Thank you for your comment about my photographs, appreciate it.

ArtPropelled said...

I particularly like the tiny chapels. They have such charm.

Unknown said...

We all miss out capturing this part of Goa when we go there Maya. This is indeed a unique perspective on Goa.

And these B&W images also give a classical dated view which kindda blends in. Cool compositions.