Monday, July 27

TAST-Bullion Stitch

Looks like I'm already sliding just when I caught up with TAST.
It feels like my whole life has turned into a whirlwind.
The good news is that R & I made it to the list of twelve shortlisted couples on The Great Driving Challenge.(Drum roll please) We are thrilled to bits.
The next round of the competition is going to be held in Mumbai, which is where we are headed at the end of the week. We have our own blog which we'd like you to bookmark and visit.
Our blog on The Great Driving Challenge site is going to be updated more frequently than this blog for the next week and a half.
Leave us a comment, tip on making home videos, must have list of things for a roadtrip or what you'd like to see on that blog as far as preparations for a roadtrip and mobile blogging go.


Malissa said...

Wow. Wow wow wow. Both the stitches and the news (congrats)!

But, I am so inspired by your designs and sense of style with your stitch explorations. I really look forward to your posts.

The Ketchup Girl said...

all the very best on the GDC. I voted for another couple who are also one amongst the 12 shortlisted ones! Your space is fantastic- such talent! looking forward to a lot more.

Pratima said...

Hi Maya, Congrats and good luck for the final leg. How have you been?
Shalini introduced me to your blog couple of weeks ago, and also ever since the recent stich bug that has got me. I am so ispired by your work and must say its truly amazing. I have bookmarked your blog and look fwd to updates. Will stay in touch.

Pratima said...

Ok, so that must have been 2 msgs, so its the ignorant me. Still figuring out and hardly ever leave comments, and when I do its this. So please delete the repeated msgs, thought it was deleted and re-typed it. Pratima

Mrs Button said...

ooooohhh so much gorgeousness here! I found you via The Plum Tree. I will be back for more soon :o)