Tuesday, March 24

Catching up with TAST

Got a couple more before I actually catch-up but I have made progress. The samples above are of Butterfly Chain, Crossed Buttonhole, Satin stitch and Wheatear Stitch.


pRiyA said...

Goodness, such a beautiful array of stitches that i never knew existed!
I do remember Satin stitch though. It was the most difficult to do at school and i had to keep ripping it out and doing it again.
Wheat ear stitch! At first i thought it looked like centipedes, but wheat ear is definitely an appropriate name!

Tanguera said...

I really like what you did with the satin stitch.

Guzzisue said...

you are making wonderful progress here, I'm still lagging way behind!!

Anaka said...

Love the geometry and colours of the "satin stitch" story.

Chris Daly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. The horses in that post are used by our Amish neighbors to plow their fields and pull wagons or carts to market. The Amish sect that lives near us uses technology very sparingly. Their homes are not electrified. Our nearest neighbor does use a generator to pump water out of the ground.

I meant to comment on these stitches a few days ago. I love how you assembled your satin stitches.