Friday, December 19

Did you know ?

I thought this one was real cool. came by it at Monster Munch. One more fact - this is my 100th post. Woohoo!!!


pRiyA said...

100 posts so soon! just a short while ago you were this novice bewildered by blogland...

by the way, thats a hell of a lot of work you've been doing woman. that scarf in the title picture looks very intriguing.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Quite a landmark.Some things are still quite bewildering but I'm muddling along just fine thanks for being there to help out.
That scarf in the title pic is something new I'm trying.

Chris Daly said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. I'm looking forward to many more posts and stitches from you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. 100 posts.That's great news!

neki desu said...

loved the presentation!! thank you.
but, how much of all the info in circulation is useful7relevant/accurate?
In comes the brain to discern and discriminate.
thanks for visiting my blog
happy holidays.

neki desu