Wednesday, February 5

The Geylang Commission

For the show at Madder Moon, Singapore in September/ October last year I had created a series of proverbs drawn from the rich ethnic diversity of Singapore. Geylang as I had named the piece in the picture above sold along with a few others.
The gallery had displayed what remained of my work until the end of the year. One fine day in November a visitor to the gallery took a liking to my work. He bought a piece called Rice, a Malay proverb -' If you plant grass you won't eat rice' and asked for details of my blog. The man went back,after researching my blog and bought a second piece entitled Murukku and asked if Geylang which he had seen in my blog post here,could be commissioned.
I was delighted to work on this commission.Here is a detail of the commissioned piece before I sent it on its way to Singapore. 
The commissioned piece is the same size as the original but I've changed the colours so each one has a personality of its own.
The three pieces- Rice, Murukku and Geylang  are going to give someone's kitchen a little local Singapore flavour.


Gumbo Lily said...

It's beautiful! And congratulations on the commission!

Jennifer said...

How wonderful Maya! Congratulations!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Gumbo Lily and Jennifer. This was my second commission. Both commissions were unexpected.
looking forward to more such encounters!

ANNE said...

Hi, I have knewn your site on the site Cécile Facile, and I am happy to know you. I put it on favorites , I shall go again!
I am french, embroiderer and Creator of coiled fabric basket. I was (4° journey in India, I am Lucky!on India in Januyary (Madya Pradesh and Maharashtra)The 1° Rajasthan, The 2°: Gujarat,
The 3°, Indian South: Kerala and Tamil On my blog this time, you can find some of the 4° trip's photos......Soon, i shall do some albums on Flickr
Read you again here!
And Flickr, l'artisanne_textile

Anne said...

reading and exploring your site, I see that you live in India and give recipes!!! Well, I like the indian food and I do since long years.....I follw lessons also in gujarat and Udaipur; the next year, I hope to go in Chattirargh and Orissa..........It's sure i shall go often in your blog!!!

Caterina Giglio said...


ANNE said...

I am so sorry!!!
Often, in my blog my "comment space "is full of SPAM, it was like this this moment and I throw them....With your that I just aperceived one moment without read it!
Oh please, can you leave one more with your email and comment?
It's too silly for me!! sorry