Friday, August 21

Folded Book Art - Hearts Galore

I spent sometime last week making my first folded book. A newbie but I'm hooked, my first attempt was in March this year when my mum, recovering from eye surgery and I had some fun folding pages of Reader's Digest into interesting sculptural forms.  
The pattern I followed is a free one found here.
I'd like to attempt a word next.
How has the week been for you? I've been getting an education in bee keeping!
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 12

TAST 2015 - Blanket Stitch

I've decided to participate in Take a Stitch Tuesday 2015 which Sharon is conducting and will run for 52 weeks - a new stitch to try and explore each week.
It was in 2008 that I first took up the challenge of TAST and the result was two fiber books which have been exhibited and become teaching aides and are very precious to me.  
Since the book form interests me immensely and I've moved to a new place to set up home I've decided to use TAST to explore the use of embroidery stitches on paper and make a journal of sorts.
The paper for the pages will be the brown paper bags and bills on which I intend to do the embroidery stitches.It will be a collage of sorts. Embroidery, writing, ephemera.

So without much ado here's Blanket Stitch done on a brown paper bag from New Indian Bakery.  

 The inside. A recipe and the bill from Dragon restaurant. Panikoorka is Indian Borage and I have a cutting which will be planted in my herb garden and in time Panikoorka pakoras will be made..
I have some catching up to do with TAST.

Monday, July 27

Making the Monsoon fiber book.

I'd promised to make a tutorial to explain how I went about making the Monsoon inspired fiber book.
As promised here it is after delays of not being able to transfer pictures from my camera etc.   
So I began by choosing a size for my pages. I chose 4 inches x 6inches for each page. I also chose the fabric for the pages some were silks others were dyed with rust and tea. 

 I cut fabric fusing into pieces measuring 8 inches x 12 inches and ironed them onto the back. Ironing fusing onto the back of the fabric one is going to do embroidery or applique on, stops the base fabric from puckering.Especially if you are embroidering text. 

Then I embellished the pages with embroidery and applique. There was fabric and paper which I appliqued onto some pages.  

Once the embroidery and applique was done I put the pages together, just to see I had the sequence right. 
Next each double spread was turned over and the excess fabric was folded over and tacked down.
 Next two double spreads were placed with backs together and the edges were stitched together with an overcast stitch. Once all four sides had been sewn up the tacking was removed.
  Then I put the pages together and since there are just three or four pages, I took some sturdy thread and stitched through the center of the pages to secure them and hold them together.
 So this is the little fiber book.
Somewhere along the way I felt a small shibori frill attached to the edge of the cover would complete the whole thing, and that's just what I did.
 The Monsoon fiber book.
I hope the method I used is sufficiently clear for you to try and make a little fiber book of your own. It isn't rocket science so I'm sure you'll improvise any steps you couldn't understand and create something quite special.
Do let me know I'd love to see what you create.

Wednesday, July 1


   The handiwork of a little spider. building a little cocoon for this handmade ceramic vase.
Our home is build with exposed brick and the brickwork has little niches just the right size to hold and display  ten small handmade vases collected years ago.
Each one of the vases are different in shape, pattern and glaze, unique and precious. Perhaps, understood by the little spider who decided to weave a protective web around them.

I'm going to be busy next week with family weaving happy memories. Have a good weekend making happy memories, a long one for those in the United States.

Friday, June 26

A Flower Strewn Path

 Yesterday afternoon was spent working with the masons creating a flower strewn path. It began with trying to create impressions with beautiful ferns.
When that didn't work we used found objects to create flowers.  
 The flower centres were made with bits of plastic pipe and an empty paint container, seen in the background.
A path strewn with sunflowers. I hope our guests enjoy walking down this path.

Wishing you a weekend which takes you down flower strewn pathways.

I have news about the Solace project here.

Thursday, June 18

Redwork Sampler

I'm taken with cross-stitch red work and I thought I'd share one I made and got framed.    
 The framed sampler adorns our new home. It's a wedding, alphabet and Quaker motifs all rolled into one sampler.
 Detail of some of the motifs in the sampler.
I'm sorry if the pictures are hazy and bit distorted because it's behind glass and I had to try and avoid reflections besides I had only the use of my cellphone camera. The cord to transfer photographs from my camera to my laptop seems to have developed a problem so I'm unable to share any of the pictures on my camera. What a bummer. I have all the pictures for a tutorial on how I made the Monsoon fiber book but it's going to have to wait. Oh well, it's not the end of the world.
Hope you're having a wonderful creative week.

Tuesday, June 2

Where the Wild Things are

At my new home in the hills I've been snapping pictures of the little wild things I discover most mornings on the french doors and on the verandah.   

From being an apartment dweller in a metropolis  for the past ten years, I'm enjoying discovering forms, patterns and textures from the natural world which present themselves. Unexpected surprises.