Saturday, April 18


Finished stitching this while the painters and cleaners worked on transforming the apartment.
Don't you agree with the saying? I think it rings true.
Been given for framing.

Have a great weekend.

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Wednesday, April 8

The Big Move

The apartment has been packed up and moved.
We're leaving the city for a home in the Western Ghats.
A huge change we have been working toward for the past three years. Looking forward to the change in pace of life and greener, cleaner surroundings.
I'm taking a blog break for a couple of weeks to settle down.

Saturday, March 28

50 shades of Grey

Marvelling at the manner in which nature paints fifty shades of grey.
My mum braids her hair into a french braid which show off nature's magic so beautifully.
Continuing to observe change - with the passage of time, nature is working its magic on me as well.

Twisted into a knot which resembles a shell. my mum is quite the hairdresser too.

Have a good week. 

Saturday, March 21


Change is constant.  
At times imperceptible at other times dramatic. I've made a concious effort to observe change in the past few weeks. The most dramatic change has been my mother's eye sight. An operation has done away with glasses and transformed the quality of her life. We are all so grateful for the advances in medical science and a competent doctor who could bring about this positive change.
While in post operative care my mum and I decided to explore the art form of folded book sculptures and transformed a couple of old Reader's Digest magazines.    
We need to welcome change and look for the positives it brings with it. Not always possible I know.
I've made a list of changes around me.
We changed the flooring in two rooms of our apartment
I've enjoyed the changing seasons with the beautiful display of flowering trees, trees like the peepal have shed all their leaves and the tender pale green leaves will make an appearance soon.
Mum's eyesight improved. It's like a miracle. Simply amazing
A neighbour has adopted a small muddy space outside my bedroom window and plans to create a little garden with her daughter. The little flowering plants in pots  have already brightened up the space.
My routine has changed to accommodate the needs of my aging parents and the requirements of post operative care.  
Cuttings of geraniums have sprouted new leaves on the stem and with each passing day are growing larger. The geraniums and spider plants are going to be a part of the big move my husband and I  are making next month when we go to live in the hills.
Enormous change is imminent, momentum is gathering.
These are just some of the changes I'm aware of, it's right there in my face but the wheels of change are forever turning imperceptible changes which will be noticed perhaps at a later date.
Change has taught me patience and made me more aware of how I use time. I've grown more sensitive to the needs and abilities of people who are aging. It's teaching me efficiency and to multi task better.
How do you see change? What has it taught you?

Have a good weekend.
If you're wondering if this blog has changed from being a fiber and embroidery blog to one that focuses on paper fear not change is at hand there's a fiber book and other fiber projects which are in the works and will be revealed in the coming weeks.      

Wednesday, March 11

Dabbling in Distractions

Dabbling in Distractions
Don't you just love to dabble in distractions
that offer avenues for discovery.
To get the hang of fun.
On the slopes, tumbling, flying through the air.
My idea of a great time. 

Hope you're having fun and dabbling in distractions.

I'm going to be travelling to be with my mother who will be having an operation. Great opportunity for dabbling in distractions and discovering where they lead.

Have a great week.

Saturday, February 28

Monsoon inspired fiber book

The Monsoon has inspired poets, musicians and artists on the Indian subcontinent for centuries and it's my turn  to attempt capturing the moods of this season in a small fiber book which will measure approximately 4" x 6" when it's complete.
 Embroidery and applique. I'm exploring and creating a variation of how to make a fiber book. The process of making this little book will serve to make a tutorial which I have promised some visitors to the blog. I request some patience, the tutorial will be posted once the book is completed.
The beginnings of another page. I'm using some of the natural dyed and rust dyed fabrics from my stash. The rusty washer found on my morning walk made that beautiful burning summer sun.

Change is in the air.

Have a good weekend.

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Sunday, February 22

Natural material for packaging

Last week we were on a road trip and somewhere on NH 7 we saw men waving these conical packages. Curiosity got the better of us and we stopped to buy two. These are packages of Palmyra leaves.   
Knotted and tied with a couple of fronds. 
The palmyra leaf  opens to reveal five of six pods of the palmyra fruit.
The Palmyra leaf is circular in shape and has a naturally occurring accordion fold which aids the creation of the conical packages. Pure genius whoever created this package. 
Summer is round the corner. 
With the onset of the summer heat, the fruit of the Palmyra palm makes an appearance on the carts of   fruit sellers on the streets of every neighbourhood in the city. The fruit seller cuts open the fiberous  black fruit and removes three jelly like pods which are filled with a cool liquid. These jelly pods are just the thing to beat the summer heat.
Wish they would use the Palmyra leaf for packaging instead of the thin plastic bags which are ruining our environment.  
We've embraced the use of plastic for packaging and forgotten the use of natural materials for packaging.

Have a good week.