Thursday, March 1

Speaking in Cursive

A little something I finished yesterday. Between seeking inspiration and speaking in cursive I've participated in a travel writing scholarship.
I see travel writing becoming my alternate career.
I'm off on a small trip, work and some time with the family.
I'm going to be on the lookout for things to write about which I come across during this week.
Will have to wait until Easter before I start speaking in cursive.
Have a great weekend. Everyone in India will be celebrating the Spring festival of Holi starting this evening.

Friday, February 16

One Year of Stitches 2018

I've decided to take up the One Year of Stitches 2018 challenge and combine it with Take a Stitch Tuesday. 
 I've begun with multiple rows of embroidery around the circle to create a border of sorts as well as to increase the size of the circle. Couldn't find a lid or anything else which is a 12" diameter circle.
I've decided to explore circles this year. So all the embroidery stitches or events I want to represent will have to take on a circular form. First to be represented are the kittens Gin and Tonic who we got in January. 
Gin is a white kitten with smudges of black and fawn on it's tail and ears. Tonic is a black and white  chap who reminds me of Socks. Gin and Tonic are brother and sister.
 Next to be embroidered is the Blue Moon, Blood Moon and Lunar eclipse which occurred on January 31st. What a spectacular sight. I used Blanket Stitch - Stitch #2 in TAST, to create the Blood Moon.
 Running stitch. My favourite stitch and Stitch #1 to explore in TAST this year.
 TAST Stitch # 7 - Feather Stitch. Another of my favourites.
Herringbone Stitch. TAST - Stitch #5

TAST - Stitch #6 is Chain Stitch. There's a circle of chain stitch around one of herringbone Stitch and TAST - Stitch #4 is Detached chain. I've embroidered a circle of Detached Chain stitches around the circle created with running stitch.
I'm pretty upto date with TAST.
Have a great weekend. I have to do some writing this weekend.

Saturday, February 10

Seeking Inspiration

I can't sit silently and listen but I can sit silently, do embroidery and listen. Embroidery in my opinion is meditative and I'm hoping that will be sufficient for inspiration to dawn. 

Tuesday, January 16

1 Year of Stitches - 2017 - Completed!

 1 Year of Stitches - completed.
 An unusual journal, a departure from the fabric journals I've been making.
 Spontaneous and kind of all over the place but I think the year was a bit like that.
 I've been listening to a lot of Reggaeton as I work and I turned fifty this year.Don't feel any different but it's been a good life.So much to be grateful for.
Learnt that life is so uncertain, one has to live in the moment and love and cherish family and friends.

I'm considering taking up 1 Year of Stitches 2018 and combining it with Take a Stitch Tuesday.
Will get 1 year of stitches 2017 framed.

Any other exciting challenges around?
Hope 2018 has been treating you well. Have a good week.

Saturday, December 9

Polar Bear Ornaments

 I've been embroidering these little Christmas ornaments for my sister's class children.
It's become a bit of a tradition.Last year was the first time I made an ornament for each child.
I made twenty one ornaments this year. I hope the package reaches on time.
Hope your plans for Christmas are coming together nicely.
The weather is beautiful, typical December weather - bright warm days and chilly cold nights. Had to start using hot water bottles last night.
Have a great weekend. 

Wednesday, November 15

New Beginnings

Three weeks of October our routine was thrown off course when the caretakers simply upped and left one fine day, after getting their Diwali bonus. It was a nightmare to deal with guests, cooking, washing,cleaning and taking care of the dogs.
There was no time to update my blog or work on any of my projects.
There's so much truth to the quote
'New Beginnings are often disguised as painful endings...'  Lao Tzu  
There were days when I would despair and wonder if we would find good trustworthy people who would love the dogs and I must say I have to learn from the dear husband's 'can do and everything is going to be fine attitude'. He sure was a pillar of strength and support. 
Since the 1st of November we have got good help and I can sit down and try to complete some of my projects. 

The image above shows where I've got to in the 1 year of Stitches Challenge. The end of 2017 is fast approaching and there's still considerable amounts of blank fabric waiting to be filled  with stitches but I can do something about that. I'm saying that from a stress free position unlike the three weeks where I was like a headless chicken. The three weeks taught me some valuable lessons.
There's always scope to simplify our lives further.
Learn new skills and be more self reliant.
Angels exist.
Help comes from unexpected sources.
There is so much to be grateful for.

To New Beginnings. Cheers!
I hope you have a good week.