Thursday, July 26

A Textile Letter

Karina invited me to exchange a textile letter with her and I created an embroidered one for her. That's the whole long letter, sorry for the hazy picture but its a cloudy day and I didn't want to use the flash.    
Here are closeups of sections of the letter.  
A tear in the fabric becomes a part of the letter.
All pictures enlarge if you click on them and give you a chance to take a closer look at the details.
Bits of silk appliqued to the letter with running stitch, button hole wheels, feather stitch and cable chain stitch are part of my letter writing vocabulary. 
I've appliqued a list of traditional Indian snacks which were listed on a snack packet. Click on the picture to get an enlarged view.  
Signing off.
Click here to take a look at the letters Katrina has received from people all over the world. 


Marta Brysha said...

Maya, what a beautiful idea. Your letter is lovely. I'm sure that Katrina was thrilled to receive it. It's also lovely to finally know your name!

Sandra said...

Maya your work is wonderful, I keep visiting for inspiration ;)

the card is awesome!

pumpernickel said...

It's gorgeous! The appliqued blue cornflower's my favourite.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hi Marta, glad the insurance company relented and you're getting the heater of your choice to replace the one that was stolen.Yes I'm glad I made the switch to my name on the blog it made more sense with a FB page etc.

Hello Sandra, thank you for your comment.

Piyo do you recognise the corn flower? its from the Anokhi block printed curtain!!!