Wednesday, July 11

Button Holing

Buttonhole stitch is going to be the star of my next stole- Land of Lakes. This little damaged fabric which is part of another little project inspired Land of Lakes.
Land of Lakes is the third in the collection based on the theme of Maps and Travel. The collection will have 7 - 10 scarves and stoles and I'm finding there are enough hours in a day! Help.
I have yet to show you Urban Sprawl which I finished last week.

Caterina is hosting a rose giveaway on her blog La DolceVita. You have until July19th to put your name in the hat for the lucky draw.

Here's something I find absolutely delightful.

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Caterina Giglio said...

Thank you for your blog post and for participating... I cannot wait to see what this next project is all about!