Tuesday, July 17

Urban Sprawl

Urban Sprawl is the second in the collection I'm creating based on the theme of maps and travel.
The scarf is a cotton silk one with running stitch, sequins and applique. 

Urban Sprawl has been interpreted as growth of a town into a city , its organic growth which is not planned.
Its a collection of little towns which have grown and got connected by roads and buildings which are now recognised as a single city but these localities and areas still function as self sufficient eco systems.
In a lot of ways its a reflection of Bangalore where I live. The urban sprawl continues to expand growing upward and outward at a scorching pace, turning a city into a metropolis and very soon to a megalopolis.

Where do you live? village, town, city, metropolis or megalopolis. 

Participate in this event and have a little fun today.Cheers!


Slogan Murugan said...

Beautiful. And a very good title.

Slogan Murugan said...

I live in Mumbai. It has everything - high rises to villages. Like other Indian cities.