Thursday, April 16

Waiting for April Showers

Its hot with not a cloud in the sky, so as I wait for April showers let me show you what I have been upto.
ATC's for the 2009 swap on Stitchinfingers.I think everybody has recieved theirs so I can show you a picture of what I created.
Gina and Juliette have conspired and created a monthly swap, so if you are a fibre fiend here's your opportunity to explore a new format. More information here. A glass of lime juice is the best thirst quencher when the mercury touches 35 or there abouts and continues to rise. I've been crocheting these glass covers for my glass of lime juice and wondering ...... would anyone buy them if I started an Etsy shop. Would you? ( See Priya I'm actually working towards the Etsy shop ,this is the market survey) Obsessively making graphs of heart patterns. I've got enough to start a second sampler!!!! I've come to conclude with all the hours of blog hopping that the form of the heart is number one in the fibre world. Grapes to make homemade wine. It will get made tonight.
Finally I need to give credit to the invert tool in photoshop which provided me with a couple of hours of fun and the pictures in this post.


Unknown said...

For your kind of work, Etsy is a damn good idea. Go ahead and do it.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Thomas that was required.Have started the process.

lala412 said...

I would definitely buy the glass cover! I'm working my way towards an etsy shop as well. :-) I love your embroidery!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Good luck with the journey to the relisation of the etsy shop Roving weaver, its a slow journey for me with many a break but I know it will happen - all at the right time. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.