Wednesday, April 8

ATC swap on Stitchinfingers

Gina set up another swap for the Textile Artists Trading Group on Stitchinfingers .The first in 2009. Let me show you what I've recieved in the mail the past week.Such a pleasant experience because the mail these days usually contains only bills and junk mail.

This ATC made by Susan Monk in the UK has been made with a paper napkin , isn't that amazing. Susan sent a length of bias tape with hearts on it - how did Susan know I'm currently obsessed with hearts?
This one is from Mary Lou in Ontario, Canada. The tiny discs and wheels you see are watch parts.My first swap with someone in Canada.

This is the third ATC from Gina in my modest collection of ATC's.


Gina E. said...

I've just been browsing your blog, and having a look at your ATC collection. I had forgotten which ones I'd sent you before. I tend to make a bunch of ATCs with a theme, using the same materials and embellishments, then I have to be careful who I send them to, in case I double up! Yours are so lovely, Maya - I wish I could be as motivated as you, doing all those TAST stitches on separate cards. I love my "G" ATC!!

trueblue said...

Hi Maya,
Great blog! I was wondering how to take up the TAST; I had seen some of your practice work in your previous posts and was totally enthusiastic.Eventually found some links to the Stitching Fingers and Pin Tangle from your blog.
I started needlework very recently only, and honestly never imagined that I would develop a liking for it . However for now what I mostly do are cross-stiches and hand quilting.I would like to learn some hand embroidery ..and hence the interest in TAST.
Hope to see more n more of your beautiful work.
Take care

Crayons said...

Hi Embellisher
This practice of collect ATC's seems like a great means of bring artistic energy into your house. It must be difficult to let them go. I really enjoyed looking at them. I believe in the magic of real mail and art made with real things.

Swati Matta said...

Hi mam... loved those postcards
n love the idea of exchanging them so... Beauty travels far and wide!!