Thursday, April 23

Vote for change

Get out that vote.No excuse is good enough. If you're eligible then be the change you want and do your bit.

This line of adverts are fantastic. Visit the web site. There's never been as much awareness created about the need to vote and ones right to vote ever before.Its campaigning by various parties using SMS, recored phone messages, the radio, television and all manner of print media, so you can't say you didn't know! "Simply vote maadi"that's the mantra.


Karen said...

Hi. thanks so much for your comment, you are definitely in the draw!! The button backs are plain metal, you just cover them with your embroidery and snap them together, simple!

Robinsunne said...

Oh! Yum. Your work is so luscious and I am loving looking all around. I like your mix of stitch and found object. Thanks.

Unknown said...

This is hilarious stuff Maya. Enjoyed each one of them, but the first one - "no place to park" is the best.