Thursday, January 29

TAST - Running Stitch

Starting where I left off with the Take a Stitch on Tuesday at the end of last year , I give you Running Stitch. Five stitches to complete and catch up.


Karen said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your comment. I adore your running stitch sampler, running stitch is one of my favourites. I want to answer your question about the swaddling band but that would take about 100 comments, instead you could look here, a post I did about swaddling
I really hope you find it interesting, it fascinates me and I could go on about it forever! Lovely to meet you, Karen

pRiyA said...

Okay Emby, you've been tagged. Check out the details on my blog. YOu'd better do it because I did one of your tags last time.

Great stitching by the way.
Okay, now you have to leave a comment of praise on my blog as well.
Actually how about two comments? Then I'll leave another one for you.

ArtPropelled said...

It looks like a snowball gathering momentum as it goes down the roller coaster at the fair......on the other hand it could be the sun coming up (or going down) from behind the hills :-)

Timaree said...

I like the colors you are using. Just threads on cloth but done well like this and you have something pretty to look at.