Monday, January 19

Cups of Tea

Read about sharing images of your morning cup on Robyn's blog and decided to do the same.Batteries were low and this is the result.The first cup of tea in the mornig is a cup of green tea - Korakundah Organic green tea.
A second cup is with milk and sugar - conventional cup of chai drunk while getting started with the day's work. It was Pongal last week and this year too I made Ven pongal and Chakra pongal and we had a group of friends come over for brunch. That's my recipe book where I make a note of who came and what was different each year for the Pongal brunch.I know the quantity of Pongal I make each year is getting progressively larger each year.

Here's a look at a scarf I'm making which I like to call Encrustation. Its a beautiful colour this tussar scarf - a bluey grey, the photograph doesn't quite capture it.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the Pongal Brunch Maya. That Ven Pongal was so delicious. And by the way that first image is beautifully shot and composed as well.

pRiyA said...

that's a pretty scarf. i love those muted colours. the pict of the recipe journal with scattered beads is so arty. way to go girl!

jugarkas is the word of the day.

megha puNAter" said...

beautiful scarf maya.and the chai mug too.:)
seems like you had a lovely pongal.

Paula Hewitt said...

wonderful scarf. the pongal sounds delicious. I have never cooked sweet dhal - I will have try it

Anonymous said...

ah! Embellisher! it is so nice to finally make your acquaintance! you are a celebrity over at Priya's blog in my eyes...ever since you embellished her bra! ha! i love wandering your blog, and the scarf above looks gorgeous. i'm sure it is much more alive in reality. your journals are also beautiful. thanks for sharing it all. and thanks for your help (thru Priya) with the hindi script for my book. i REALLY appreciate it. have a good week, jenny

ArtPropelled said...

Beautiful images, especially the middle one. The scarf is so lovely!I really enjoyed the sharing of early morning cuppas.

Endy said...

Sei molto creativa, sono belli i tuoi lavori!
Andrea da Italia