Friday, January 23

Expressions in Stitch

Image from NovemberMoon
This is a "handwritten" piece done by Cathy Cullis. You need to see the stitched prose-poem Favourite Dress Day.
Thank-you Fiona for sharing.

Image Ilaria Margutti
The exhibition - Mend of Me by Ilaria Margutti. Very interesting I like the chairs trapped in thread, the Mend of Me images are a bit disturbing but then I'm one of those who had to be chased after and held when it came to getting an injection!

Its a long weekend and I'm going to be travelling.Have a good weekend.

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ArtPropelled said...

Wow so unusual! I was also one of those to be chased and held down for an injection...up to the age of about 13...then I had to pull myself together.