Saturday, July 24

Slowdown Studio Art Comp 2021

I'd come across Slowdown Art Comp last year.
The last date to enter had just gone by. I had to participate this year. How can one not when the only real constraint is the size of the artwork. Very liberating if you ask me. 

This is my first entry. A Box of Bespoke Murukkus.
I had got a small spirograph in a Kinder Joy that I had bought. I'm a sucker for the little toys you get. I buy the blue ones meant for boys because the toys you get are so much more interesting. Little vehicles like earth movers, tops and spirographs. I also unearthed a spirograph I had bought outside a temple when I had gone on a project.
Spirography - not sure if that is even a word, is addictive. The forms reminded me of murukkus which are a type of crunchy savoury snack, made in South India. 
My third entry - Heirloom Flowers.
I combined the flower like motifs created with the spirograph with the batik like effect of the wax and ink.

The second entry - Silver Dollar
Gave the spirograph a rest and used just wax crayons, a candle and ink.

I had fun.
There's time, another week infact if you would like to participate.The competition period is from July 1 to July 31st 2021.
You can find the details for the competition on the Slowdown Studio, Instagram page.   

Have a good weekend. 

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