Sunday, July 4

June in Lockdown

June 1st - 5th

In total lockdown. Living in a bubble.
Small trucks with fresh fruit and vegetables came to our gate. 

Leant how to use slightly burnt rice to make vadams instead of throwing it out. This has got me started making a note of how people repurpose leftover rice and rice based dishes like idlis and iddiappams. Food is never wasted but 
repurposed in interesting ways.
A good neighbour gave us roast chicken. A lovely surprise. Made for a memorable dinner. 
One evening the same neighbour sent a little plate with two pieces of honeycomb. It was delicious. 

Entetainment was provided by Netflix and Amazon Prime.   
Mare of Easttown, Maharani and The Mauritanian. 
June 6th - 12th

Decided to participate in the Great British Quilter challenge and make a mini quilt based on the theme - Hope.

Wasp nests had to be burnt. Considered cooking the larvae after watching some YouTube videos but decided not to. The monkeys gobbled up the larvae the next day. So wasp larvae are edible.

Received copies of the Spring issue of Embroidery Canada. My blog post about the panel made for the 25 Million Stitches art installation has been published in this issue.

Obsering the various cloud formations in the sky and roses blooming in the garden. 
Sitting on the deck working, I listened to music and podcasts. I found the the podcasts on The Moth most entertaining and so compelling. 
June 13th - 19th

Made some collages on cards. It was good to play with paper after working with fabric for so long.

Blackie the doggie and Gin the calico cat are cordial. They love the deck, a vantage point. Blackie can spot strangers and wild animals like the Indian gaur and the Malabar squirrel long before we spot them and his barking warns us.
Gin gets to spot unsuspecting birds. She's a great hunter.

The plants in the hanging pots were repotted. 

That little plate with tigers on it was a present from a friend.
The stickers on fruit are saved and stuck on a small area of the tiled  dado in the kitchen. The stickers are the main elements in the little accordion book for the May prompt  of #areyoubookenough_fruit. 

 The recipe for a no bake  white chocolate, cranberry and pistachio fudge. Absolutely yummy. Requested by a friend.

Do watch the movie - Skater Girl if you do get a chance. 
June 20th - 26th

The cloud formations have been very interesting. Every morning there was something very different to see. And, no that is not a jet trail it is a cloud. Unusual wouldn't you say.

The promise of a respectable number of Passion fruit, so I'll be able to make Passion fruit concentrate. 

Lunch at a friend's place. the dessert was appam with a choice of toppings - chopped banana, grated coconut, powdered jaggery and palm syrup. Delicious. 

Working on the black and white book for #areyoubookenough_blackandwhite. Have to be resourceful, copier paper and old magazines and of course black embroidery thread. 

The monkey brigade visit us regularly to raid the tree tomatoe trees.

Netflix and Amazon Prime continues to be our main source of entertainment. Watched Startup and The Undoing.
June 27th - 30th.

A little boy who loves animals got a new pet. A little Blacky puppy also named Blacky. The little boy brought his new pet to show me and Blackie my pet, also got to meet him.

Teamwork - a small army of ants carrying a dead lizard. Food for the troops.

New lawn was cut. The grass trimmings are collected by the cowherd Gopu, for his cows.

Connecting with friends who also live in bubbles. Some easing of restrictions. We have grown to enjoy our solitude but we can't do without human company. 
Waiting for interstate travel restrictions to be lifted so I can visit my parents who have been living in a bubble ever since March.

Hope you, your families and friends are well and safe and have been vaccinated.

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