Friday, July 9

My contribution to 25 Million Stitches published in Embroidery Canada

Writing this blog has put me in touch with so many people around the world, after that I created a Facebook page for Million Little Stitches and more recently Instagram as well.
I have wondered who comes and reads what I post on Million Little Stitches. Some of you are kind enough to post comments, so then I know. Some of us have become blog friends.
The Stats button previously showed the number of people from each country but now it's just a number making it all the more mysterious.    
Then there are surprises which can only be termed pleasant. When Kathryn Robicheau, the acting editor of Embroidery Canada emails you and has this to say - 
'I found your blog through a convoluted trail of links and I'm very happy that I did. I like that your embroidery is bringing attention to the refugee crisis. It's great to have an example of how we can use our artistry to express our social values and bring attention to injustice'.   
Kathryn went on to explain that the theme for the Winter issue of the magazine was maps and she sought permission to publish my post and share my embroidery and the inspiration behind it with the members.
I was delighted and had to marvel at the way this connection was made however convoluted. I was not aware of Embroidery Canada until then.
Embroidery Canada changed to a bi-annual publication so the Spring 2021 issue has my post in the Spring 2021 issue of Embroidery Canada.
Ali Ferguson from Scotland who uses mind maps as a starting point for her embroidered creations.
So many interesting interpretations of maps. It's been a pleasure to view the work and interpretations of different artists. 
Thank you Embroidery Canada for five copies of the Spring 2021 issue.
I must thank all of you who come read what I have to share on this platform. I do believe that we will connect, if it is meant to be. Irrespective of  where we are and however convoluted the journey may be to make that connection. I find it exciting to retrace the steps. I look forward to making connections and collaborations. 
Have you interesting anecdotes of making convoluted connections with other artists?
Have a  great weekend. 

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Anonymous said...

Hello from Canada!

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog.

I have gone back to the begging and read every one of your posts. I love how you integrate your art and your life into each post.

Thank you and keep it up!