Saturday, March 31

One Year of Stitches 2018 - At the end of March

 The One year of Stitches 2018 goes along with me in my bag when I travel. I worked on it when I was in Bhubaneshwar.
The kittens, Gin and Tonic, got their claws into the woven wheel which was meant to represent Tonic so it looks a bit ragged. I'm leaving it that way.
It's the end of March and as I type it's begun to rain and there's sunshine too. When there's sunshine and rain at the same time my mum will say 'it's the fox's wedding'.Sunshine and rain gave way to rain and hail. These must be the April showers which will bring May flowers. This year the fence should be up in the next two weeks and the bison will be kept out so we can hope the garden will be a riot of colours and blooms by the time it's May.
Happy Easter to all those celebrating. Hubby dearest and I observed Lent this year and we are going to have Easter dinner with friends and neighbours.


kathyinozarks said...

Happy Easter, and I just wanted to let you know you inspired me to make a fabric journal-I am using your technique to sew my pages together-thank you Kathy

steph said...

Hi Maya,

I just started an embroidery project. I picked up cross-stitch cloth, which has been difficult to work with. What are you using in your projects? It looks like cheese cloth. Do you also work with linen. Also, on your fiber books, what type of cloth did you use. Thanks for you inspiration, loving your work!


Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hello ladies
@ Kathy - how exciting Kathy that you have started making fabric journals and I'm honoured that you chose to use my technique while sewing the pages together.
Where can I view pictures of your book?

@ Stephanie - I use unbleached even weave cotton fabric. In India you get this fabric in different weights and it's used as lining or apparel designers use it to make toiles.
I hope this helps.
I on't think this particular fabric is cheese cloth.
Hope this helps.