Thursday, August 4

Give your Dreams Wings to Fly

Give your Dreams Wings to Fly. A flag book.
The back cover.
The flags are pigeon feathers which I collected during my morning walks in Bangalore.  
Another view.
I hope you recognise opportunities to give your dreams wings to fly.

It's been a busy week with guests at Welaro.


Els said...

What a sweet little booklet, with all those feathers inside !!!! ;-)
Warm greetings.

Susan said...

Hi Maya, I just saw your fabulous stitch book that someone posted on FB. Was wondering what material you used for pages. Thanks. I am in awe of your talent.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Els.

Susan I use an unbleached cotton fabric for the pages of my books. In India we call it 'gada'.I hope this helps.