Sunday, May 29

Cats, Art and a Tea Garden

I'm making steady progress on The Edition of Three.

Guinea fowl feather has found it's way into the book. Love the spotted perfection.  
Dragonfly, sequins and some threadwork.
Foil discs with blanket stitch.

In other news I wrote a post for the Tea Box blog Still Steeping entitled Cats, Art and a Tea Garden.

 Have a great week.


Unknown said...

very interesting! Love it =)

jenclair said...

Your little books are beautiful and intriguing!

Maya Sara Matthew said...

thank you for your comments, lady from Russia and Jenclair.
@Jenclair - I'm hoping the books will be part amulet part inspiration.

Marta Brysha said...

Life would be nothing without cats! Yours are gorgeous. My 18 year old cat used to come with me to the studio, but sadly she died on Christmas day 2015. I miss her so much. The perfect studio cat - she never stole my threads or pencil sharpener, never used my work as a scratching mat. I have four more at home, but they are too untrustworthy to be taken to the studio.