Tuesday, May 3

An edition of three

April simply vanished and I've meant to update this blog but all manner of things kept me from doing so.
 I've begun work on an edition of three small books. I bought these three books and the idea is to change the look and feel of the book with embroidery and collage of natural and man made ephemera.
 There's isn't a well defined end product, It's evolving as I go along. I've begun with adding blanket stitch to the edges of some pages.  
The hope is that the pages of these books can be turned to reveal images, textures or little pockets to sequester a note or a photograph. It should be similar to an amulet, a little charm one can carry in their bag or pocket.

Our BnB has kept us busy and we've met some nice people. The plants in our garden have begun to flower especially the waterlilies - we have a pink and a yellow one, waiting for the third one to flower to see what colour it is. Enjoying the bright sunshine and the clear star filled skies at night.
Hope you're enjoying the sunshine wherever you may be.


Annemieke said...

Love the way you change the books! Learned to bind a little book from a site I found on Pinterest, it is amazing how proud I was about having made the little book myself. I'm changing the pages too now.

Caterina Giglio said...

your books are fabulous, I love the blanket stitch... and waterlilies... would love to see those...

lapalacinca said...

I do love your books and your million little stitches.