Thursday, May 8

ALAW 2014 - Place+Alphabet book

The first set of alphabets for A letter A Week 2014 which incorporates 'place' into the 26 letters of the English alphabet. I've put all the letters together as an accordion fold book.
I've cut out the alphabets from maps found in inflight magazines and mounted them on red or purple paper. Red for the cities or places I have visited or lived in and Purple for the places I would love to visit. A wish list.
On the back of the accordion fold book I've written the map co-ordinates of the city or town which is on the other side.
Another view of the accordion fold book.
I need a name for this little book. I thought of 'Footprints and a Wishlist'. the other one was 'Journeys and a Wishlist'. I'm going to mull over these and other possibilities,suggestions are welcome.
This little book is not perfect from a book makers point of view but its very precious and the journey has been an interesting one. The book is 11cms x 11cms.
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I'm starting on the second set of alphabets for ALAW.

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