Monday, April 28

Colour Week - If its Monday it must be Green

Leya of Curious Bird is hosting Colour Week.

Its very simple - all you need to do is photograph things around you of the particular colour for the day of the week and post them on your blog. You would have to leave acomment on Leya's blog so she can do a roundup.Read more about it here.

The colours for the week are as follows
Monday - Green

Tuesday - Yellow

Wed - Orange

Thursday - Pink/Red

Friday - Blue

I'm photographing things around the house, so here's Green for Monday.

I've discovered I have a lot of green things in the house. R eats his museli every morning from this green bowl, the green plate is some of the first pieces of crockery I bought in Ahmedabad after we got married, I have three left.The bowl and plate are resting on my kitchen counter which is a black and green granite. Tea we love and the honey lemon green tea is delicious.

As an apartment dweller with no balcony I have plants on my window sill, so its a tiny garden. This is my bowl of water cabbages and the pretty white veined leaves of another plant I don't know the name of, anyone out there who does?

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