Tuesday, April 29


Tuesday is for all things YELLOW.

When I tried to think of the yellow things in the house I could only think of this cruet set my sister gave me.

Quite amazing how much you actually see because when I began looking there was plenty of yellow in the house.
Banganapalli mangoes.With the onset of summer the mangos have begun to appear. Alphonsos, Imampasand, Neelam, umpteen varieties of mangoes varying in colour, flavour, texture but all so yummy.
Turmeric or Haldi which is yellow adds colour and flavour to the potato masala. Food that's yellow is more appetising visually. ( Did that make any sense?) Apparently that's why we don't have food that's blue in colour, usually.
My collection of National Geographic magazines. Nestled amongst the books I found this happy chap - also yellow.
Thanks Leya for having Colour Week I'm being more observant of my surroundings and the things around me.


pRiyA said...

hi embellisher. am looking in to see how the photoshopping has turned out. and it has turned out wonderfully vibrant indeed!
mthis sort of excercise certainly makes one more observant. i was so sure i don't have a single yellow thing but when i look around there are so many...

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank-you for the lesson in photoshop Priya.Its addictive.I'll be bothering you with more questions.

Dallas said...

The Nat Geos remind me of the family bookcase in our house when I was a kid. We had a ton of those.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hello Dallas,I'm hoping someday I'll have enough national Geographics to line an entire wall - so I'll have a wall of yellow no need for paint.