Monday, March 24

Happy Easter

The weekend which has just past has been a significant one full of celebration for just about everybody.Good Friday and Easter for Christians, Holi, Id-e-Milad for Muslims, Navroz for Parsis and New Year for the Baha'i community.

I boiled eggs on Sunday morning and wanted to decorate them with markers but R who loves boiled eggs could not wait for the decorating and photographing before he got to actually eating, so I decided to make Flan or Caramel Custard instead as the special thing to commemorate Easter and since seven eggs went into making it couldn't be more Easterish.

I had to modify the original recipe which Nioves used because you don't get cans of evaporated milk here. Nioves cooked Spanish food for me and was happy to talk to me in Spanish when she saw I was keen to learn.(My Spanish abilities are limited at best) Here's my embroidered recipe in Spanish for Avena which Nioves dictated to me.

It was a good weekend R and I watched the Formula 1 race , this weekend in Sepang, Malaysia- Kimi Raikkonen and Ferrari won and on Saturday night we went to watch "The Bucket List". A great movie, Jack Nicholson is simply fantastic.Hope your weekend was memorable.

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