Tuesday, March 23

Seed Bank - #areyoubookenough_red

I've been following @areyoubookenough for the past year but I didn't  get around to making a single book. I was determined to set things right this year.  
The theme for February was Red. My favourite colour.
The empty red plastic casing of the Vitamin B12 I take was the starting point of this little seed bank. 
Made entirely from materials in the house. It was a pleasure putting this book together. 
The materials used are the empty plastic tablet casing,  the covers of the book were cut from the carton of Monsoon Harvest muesli , a bit of jute rope and the paper and red thread are from my stash.
Recycling, repurposing and using fund or thrifted objects are central to my work. 
The little seed bank can be reused. It will make a great gift. People around here are always exchanging seeds and seedlings.

Lime and orange seeds in one page and chilly seeds in another. 
Seeds are precious and I 

Follow @areyoubookenough on Instagram to see how various artists interpret the themes each month. It's extremely inspiring.

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Shasta Matova said...

I've been meaning to make a book too, and haven't gotten around to it. I like yours - red is a great choice of color!