Tuesday, May 26


#the100dayproject began on the 7th of April this year.

I've decided to create 100 collages. 4" × 6" collages, upcycling materials found in my home, between the pages of my journal or from my surroundings. Quotes, poems and general words of wisdom. 
So why not celebrate them and make them a set of 100 cards which one can pick at random and feel inspired when one reads a quote and find reassurance in the words of a poem. At some point I did consider 100 Covid19 jokes.  

I've become a hoarder of all sorts of scraps and bits. Bills, moth wings, beer bottle tops, envelopes, plastic casing of tablets and the twine used to tie a package. everything has potential.

Here are the first five of hundred.

1/100 - Diwali sweet box base, poem - Finding Courage, Blanket stitch.

2/100 - Moonsoon Harvest muesli carton, quote - Robin Wall Kimmerer, faggoting with embroidery thread done to hold the pieces of the card together.
Cutting the pieces of the muesli carton so that they fit was an exercise in balance.
Must find ways to give back. 
3/100 - envelope to which strips of paper from a Tupperware flyer were woven and stuck.Further embellished with cross-stitch done with embroidery thread. Quote, hand written on brown paper from an envelope.

4/100 - Teacher's 50 whisky carton, brown paper envelope, Ferrero Rocher foil, handwritten bit of wisdom.
Have to learn to focus better and stop getting involved in too many projects. Oh! But there are so many interesting ones.
5/100 - Citibank flyer for the blue base, Scottish leader whisky carton, cotton twine which was used to tie a package for the embroidered quote and embroidery thread for blanket stitch along the edge.
Need to set the benchmark high.

100 cards in a 100 days is not going to happen. It's going to take longer than that. 
The coming together of the base card, the quote, poem or recipe and the ephemera takes time but at times it all happens in a day. 
It's going to be a 100 cards following a slow process but the 100 collages shall be made.

How are you doing in your corner of the world?
Hope you and your families are well and safe.

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