Tuesday, April 28

Project 21

Sometime during the 21 day lockdown that we went through here in India, there was a challenge posted by  Bombay Sapphire on Instagram. Stir Creativity. 
 The challenge required the use of 21 objects, 21 lines to create a drawing or painting, 21 cuts on a fabric to make a garment, or  a 21 words poem. Stir your creativity using 21 of anything.
I used 21 small brown paper envelopes and put into them prayers my mum had handwritten for me, recipes which I tried and had been shared during the lockdown, origami which I had done and other little things.   
25th March - prayer, 26th March - recipe for Lime pickle, 27th March - modules for an origami kusudama.
28th March -  shopping list, 29th March - my mother in law's recipe for Molaga Podi, 30th March - handwritten prayer.  
31st March - recipe for Pineapple Upside Down, 1st April - Origami hearts, 2nd April - handwritten prayer. 
3rd April - Recipe for sun dried tomato pickle, 4th April - modules for a pinwheel kusudama, 5th April - recipe for slider buns. Oops! forgot to stitch around the edges. 
6th April - sampler of Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch for week one of the community stitch challenge organised by TextileArtist.org and led by Sue Stone, 7th April - handwritten prayer, 8th April - a schoolmate's recipe for Krackjack biscuit pudding.
9th April - shopping list, 10th April - handwritten prayer, 11th April  recipe for green gram or pachai payaru payasam.
12th April - origami Easter chicks, 13th - my mum's recipe for pancakes, 14th - modules for an origami kusudama. Everything used for this challenge came from my stash.  

The little origami hearts were made for the Hearts for Hope. The challenge continues on instagram if you wish to join in and contribute an image of a heart you discover or create. it could be a heart shaped stone you find,  heart shaped cookies you bake or a heart tattoo someone you know has. You never know where you'll find a heart or like me create a heart using whatever you have on hand  - a length of wire perhaps?    Post your picture on Instagram and use the following hashtags #2020heartsofhope #mendingmayhem #isewlation   
This recipe is very special. I lost my mother in law to cancer on the 16th of April and this is one of two recipes I have from her. The other recipe is for dosa batter.Now each time I make either molaga podi or dosa batter I shall make it to honor her memory.Sorry about the spacing, can't seem to fix it. We continue to be in lockdown until May 3rd. The question now is whether it's going to be extended beyond that date or if there will be an easing of restrictions. 
 How are you coping with lockdowns and quarantines? I'm going to be participating in #MendMay, starts on the 1st of May. Check out @visiblemend on Instagram if you're interested. Until the next post
 stay home and stay safe.  

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