Friday, April 10

21 Day Lockdown in India - Week 2 - 1st April - 7th April

Sometime in March I learnt about #Mendmarch and decided to jump in. Did about three prompts but it was fun. I began work a t-shirt mending the holes with patches cut from old underwear. More holes to be mended on this t-shirt.  
@visiblemend is going to be hosting #MendMay on Instagram so maybe you'll think of joining in.
My own challenge of making a kusudama for everyday of the 21 day lockdown is coming along slowly. Some take more than a day to complete. Have been looking for simpler ones with twelve modules or so to make so I can complete one everyday.
This challenge will extend beyond the 21 day lockdown but I shall complete it and make mobiles with the finished kusudamas and give them to people as a belated Easter gift? once the lockdown is lifted.

We had our first April showers.
Netflix and Whatsapp calls with family have kept us going. started a community Stitch Challenge two weeks back, and me being me couldn't resist getting involved. 
Week 1 was Sue Stone who asked participants to choose one stitch and explore the stitch in four,  3 inch squares. A sampling exercise to generate textures and patterns.  I chose Up and Down Buttonhole stitch. 
Week 2 the challenge was led by Cas Holmes to look for an object be it a letter, photograph, garment etc which holds memories and create a collage combining paper, fabric and stitch. I haven't started on this challenge but it's perfect for a project involving tea and my family which has been simmering for some years now but this is exactly what I needed.
There's a Facebook page where people are uploading pictures of their creations. 

Are you taking up the #100dayproject2020? I want to and it's already the 7th and I haven't decided what the subject for my 100 day practise is going to be.I seem to be catching up on so many different challenges, it's becoming a challenge in itself. Sigh! I hope to have decided and got started by the time the post for Week 3 is done.
Take care and stay safe.

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