Thursday, June 20

Embroidered poetry commission

The poem - Where the Mind is without Fear was my first commission and that has since brought about others.
I received another commission to embroider the very same poem for a dear friend. 
Similar but different is what makes each piece so unique.
The embroidered poem is for her father who served in the Indian airforce  and so I chose to embroider the poem in blue.

Working on the border. My signature appliqued silk circles with multi coloured buttonhole wheels. 
The completed piece. I hope my friend's father will like the way I've visually represented his favourite poem.


Elizabeth said...


Irene Donovan said...

This is so very beautiful.

Avani said...

This looks beautiful! Could you please share what fabric you used and the thread density?

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Hello Avani, I'm sorry for this delayed response. I use unbleached cotton. In India it's referred to as gada fabric or muslin and used for lining or fashion designers use it to make toiles.
As for thread density I use a single strand of thread.