Wednesday, January 30

Meaning, Metaphor - Handspun and Handwoven in the 21st century.

 I didn't expect to be treated to such a fantastic  textile display 75 kilometers away from where I live.
A display of handspun and handwoven fabrics and sarees first commissioned for Khadi - The fabric of Freedom which was curated by the late Marthand Singh.
The sarees, 108 of them, were designed and produced between 2000 - 01 and a 108 cotton hand spun and handwoven fabrics were woven at handloom centres across the country.
A major part of these 108 sarees and fabrics have been acquired by the Registry of Sarees, Bangalore.
 The collection held by the Registry of Sarees curated this show at the Lakshmi Mills in Coimbatore.
 I just loved the display.Looks like calligraphy to me.

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Cheryl said...

What an amazing display! Thanks for sharing