Sunday, January 27

Graffiti in the by-lanes of Fort Kochi

 While trying to locate one of the venues for the Kochi Muziris Biennale I walked down a by -lane expecting to find the gallery but I didn't, instead I found the rear walls of buildings painted with graffiti.   
 Graffiti is a great means to convey a social message. Creating awareness and sensitising people about the use and disposal of plastic which is choking our  waterways, land and oceans is a formidable task.   
 Love the layers and depth achieved in this work. The flimsy single use shopping bags which are silently killing sea life and animals. 

 Some were a tribute to the people of Kerala who bounced back from the devastating floods which wrecked havoc with peoples lives and property.

 This is my favourite. Artist unknown, would be nice to view more work by this artist.
 Guesswho is a graffiti artist who makes me smile.
My sister and I have started posting a picture a day. A picture of some significance to both of us.One picture taken in Hong Kong and another in India. We are on Instagram, do check it out. 852_and_91

Have a great week.


Els said...

So beautiful : to have a wall for a canvas ... ;-)

Maya Sara Matthew said...

@ Els - must be wonderful.Really like the way graffiti artists transform a wall with colour and texture. Bit intimidating for me because I like to work small.

Charlton Stitcher said...

These are wonderful! Graffiti art is so powerful and reaches so many who would not otherwise go near it.
Incidentally, I tried to check out 852_and_91 but failed to make it work in Instagram though I can see the links to you and it and this blog on google. I'm there too these days, if fitfully, on charlton_stitcher. Maybe see you?

Charlton Stitcher said...

These are all wonderful! Graffiti is such a wonderful art form with its ability to reach so many.
Incidentally, I tried to find you on Instagram but couldn't make the link to 852_and_91 work, though I could see that it belonged to you when I googled it. I'm now on Instagram as charlton_stitcher if your're interested. See you there then I can link to you direct?

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you for trying to find 852_and_91 on Instagram Margaret, can't imagine why you couldn't follow. I as millionlittlestitches and 852_and_91 have started following you on Instagram as well so hopefully you can follow back. Have a good week, hope there's some respite from the snow.