Monday, December 7

The end of the blue phase

I couldn't resist this one. I knew it would be perfect in blue so for the past three months I've been crossing stitches in order to create the nursery rhyme Hey diddle diddle.  
 I added some mustardy yellow as an accent. It was getting too blue. I intend to use some red in the framing so from being all blue it will be a primary colour scheme.  
I like the four different trees in each frame.
The blue phase has concluded for the time being. I feel a rust dyeing phase and a crochet phase coming on and I must get back to my TAST project of creating a journal of my experiences in homesteading using embroidery on paper.
The blue phase has started me off on a container of orts which I hope will grow into a sizeable quantity by the time it's spring and time for the birdies to build nests.
What phase are you exiting or beginning?  Have a good week.  


Robin said...

I'm delighted beyond words to have discovered your blog after finding a photo somewhere on Facebook of your two TAST sampler books and tracking down a bunch of photos on that project. Your blue phase rhyme is delightful, as is all the work I've seen of yours. I (who have embroidered for 55 years) am in complete awe of your work! Thank you for the great photos and step-by-step pictures (I know how long they take). One more thing... I am curious about the word "orts" (your container of orts)... what do you know about the word? I have them too.. can't resist saving the snippets ;)!

Marta Brysha said...

Do you put out your thread scraps for the birds to use in nest building? Their nests must look fabulous. In the summer when the birds return they all line their nests with the hair off our samoyeds that they find in the yard. Must be a lovely, soft and warm cushion to emerge into for the baby birds.