Wednesday, October 28

Stitches which heal.

The last few days has been traumatic. Our pet Blackie got badly gored by a bison early on Friday morning and had to be rushed to the Worldwide Veterinary Service Training Centre for attention.
Needless to say I was a blubbering mess trying to tell the vet what had happened.
Dr. Ashwin is such a champion. He worked a miracle and had Blackie on his feet in three days. Simply unbelievable that Blackie who was traumatised survived after being anesthetized for six hours.  
So I've been dealing with stitches of another sort this week. Stitches which heal.  This may be a gory picture to many who visit here but I'm grateful for the skill and devotion of Dr. Ashwin who has given Blackie a second chance.
There is some amazing work taking place at WVS ( World Veterinary Service) training centre in Aravankadu. If you are looking for an organisation to make a donation to I would urge you to make donations to WVS inorder to enable them to continue the fantastic work they are doing.

Wishing you a week of  miracles and awesomeness.


MLM247 said...

What a terrible time for your little Blackie. He must have been so frightened. I send my best wishes for a good recovery.

Maya Sara Matthew said...
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Maya Sara Matthew said...

Thank you Louise, all the positive thoughts and good wishes are helping Blackie's recovery.He's a toughie and a survivor.

Jennifer said...

Sending healing thoughts for you and Blackie.

Caterina Giglio said...

so glad your sweet Blackie is healing, it is so traumatic when this kind of thing happens, I had a small dog once who fearlessly went after a skunk and instead of spraying her, it bit my dog, it was a terrible wound, so I know how terrible it is and what a lengthy recovery it is for them and US! x

Anonymous said...

So pleased Blackie is recovering - I know it's awful when our animals get hurt, thankfully they do often recover well. xx

Marta Brysha said...

Oh how awful and devastating. It's so traumatising when a pet is injured.

I don't know if you remember that I'm a vet? I know I disappeared from facebook a year ago, but I'd like to re-establish contact. Could you send me an email at