Friday, June 26

A Flower Strewn Path

 Yesterday afternoon was spent working with the masons creating a flower strewn path. It began with trying to create impressions with beautiful ferns.
When that didn't work we used found objects to create flowers.  
 The flower centres were made with bits of plastic pipe and an empty paint container, seen in the background.
A path strewn with sunflowers. I hope our guests enjoy walking down this path.

Wishing you a weekend which takes you down flower strewn pathways.

I have news about the Solace project here.


Jennifer said...

What a lovely idea. It's sure to bring smile to anyone walking among the flowers.

Maya Sara Matthew said...

It was totally impromptu.

Caterina Giglio said...

this is a fabulous idea... and I know it will be a cheerful greeting to all who visit...

Sewingfunthings said...

Lovely idea! I would enjoy visiting this walkway.

india flint said...

At the Singapore Botanic Gardens they've made lovely textured concrete by pressing in leaves that have serious veins and ridges. It's gorgeous

Maya Sara Matthew said...

Yes Caterina cheerful was what I was hoping for.
I hope you get to visit my little corner of the world Dorothy
India, I was hoping to achieve the same effect with large ferns but only the central vein left an imprint on the wet concrete so we improvised with bits and pieces. I've seen something similar to what you saw in the Singapore Botanic Gardens and it's certainly very beautiful.